Welcome to Eastside Pump!

We are the sales and factory authorized service center of the Northwest. For over 10 years we’ve been in the business of sales and service of paint sprayers, pressure washers and many other types of pumps. In addition, we also sell parts and accessories for the following companies: Airlessco by Graco, ASM by Graco, Graco, Titan, Speeflo, BE/Braber Equipment, Mi-T-M, PowerEase, Benron and BES Allied Innovations, Eastside Pump does warranty repair service for most of the list above. Small Engine Repairs, including Honda engines, are within our expertise. If you have a question about your pump repair needs, please give us a call 425-454-0155

Pickup and Delivery Service

Is your sprayer or pressure washer experiencing problems and in need of repair? You’ll be relieved to know that we have pickup and delivery service from Mount Vernon to Chehalis. We have working relationships for pickup and delivery with most of the major paint stores. Call us for specific locations and pickup times. 425-454-0155

Need Equipment?

We have a good line of Equipment for Sale

Your Pump & Sprayer Repair Center

Eastside Pump is your local repair facility for the Greater Puget Sound area in Washington. We service paint sprayers, pressure washers, spa, and water feature pumps.

Monday – Friday
5:30am – 3:00pm


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Check out the video of the SpeeFlo Powrliner 850 from Titan!